About Maxxpro

About Us

We are a new company with old roots in the industry: We have been manufacturing liquid products in a facility for the past 7 years. We have sold products manufactured from our facility in many of the major large box stores and well - known drug stores.

We control the process from the field to the end product. This allows us to control the quality of our product. All active CBD is tested prior to it being sent to our manufacturing facility and once formulated in the correct product it is then retested to ensure the .3% THC and amount of CBD in the product. Every item is them coded to a batch number that we can trace back to our original manufacturing date. View an example Certificate of Analysis here.

We have agreements with our growers for immediate and long term supply of CBD. We are capable of manufacturing up to 2.5 million bottles and can scale quickly to accommodate further supply need.

We are the first have our supply met and we can purchase an option of the raw material in advance to ensure product delivery.

Actual photo of the field Maxxpro active ingredient is grown

Why choose Maxxpro?

Responsible sourcing

Our hemp is responsibly sourced to ensure the product your receiving is safe and effective.
Top customer support
Our customers are our top priority. Experience the best customer service when you shop CBD products from Maxxpro.

Because we care

We believe that providing you with a quality CBD product that we can help you enjoy your life just a little bit better.

Products you can trust

Each batch of our products are tested to insure accurate strength, and top quality. View our product pages to see lab results from each batch.

Maxxpro provides premium CBD products for sale.

We personally formulate each product to control the strength and quality, ensuring that from the time our hemp is harvested to the time it reaches your hands we know that is has been handled responsibly with you in mind!

Our Mission

Helping you enjoy life just a little bit better. It's not uncommon to go after life at maximum speed and efficiency. It's what our culture demands. That can bring with it a multitude of things that we deal with in our own lives. We believe that by providing you with a quality CBD product, that you will enjoy life just a little bit better. We hope that we can be a part of that "just a little bit better."